We have 4 size screens.

1.) 12′ x 7′ screen size. 14′ diagonal measurement. Actual size, 13.5′ wide. 7.8′ tall. 3.2′ deep. Viewing for less than 20 people. Perfect for pool parties and areas with very limited space.

2.) 16′ x 9′ screen size. 18.5′ diagonal measurement. Actual size, 21′ wide. 14.5′ tall. 7.5′ deep. Viewing for less than 100 people. Perfect for backyards, inside gymnasiums, etc.

3.) 20′ x 11′ screen size. 23′ diagonal measurement. Actual size, 27′ wide. 14.5′ tall. 7.5′ deep. Viewing for more then 100 people. Perfect for movies in the park, HOA movies, etc. This is our most popular size. Has an awesome “WOW” factor! 50% more viewing area than the 16′ screen.

4.) 36′ x 20′ screen size. 42′ diagonal measurement. Actual size, 41′ wide. 33′ tall. Viewing for more then 100 cars. Perfect for Drive in movies, movies in the park, HOA movies, etc. 

If shown indoors, yes. Outdoor movies must be postponed in the event of rain. Our rain date policy will be discussed in further detail upon request.

Wind is also a consideration.  The smaller screens can withstand winds over 20 MPH.  The drive in screen can only be used in winds under 10 MPH due to it’s extreme large size.

We recommend starting the movie 15-30 minutes past sunset time.  Sunsets can be found here. https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/usa/philadelphia  That being said, we can start the movie whenever you wish, we just cannot guarantee the quality of the picture until it is dark.

Drive in should start 45 minutes to an hour after sunset.

That is one of the great things about our service.  You have to do absolutely nothing!  When we arrive, you show us where to set up, show us where the electricity is and hand us the movie.  Then you just sit back with your guests and enjoy the show!  We set everything up, stay on site to make sure there are no problems during the show, and then we take everything down and haul it away after the event is over!  We strive to give you a great experience that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

That depends on your location. We can do movies anywhere. The only restriction is the size of the venue. If the ceilings are high enough, we can set up inside. Usually gymnasiums are high enough for at least the 16′ screen.

Not a problem! We have generators available for a small additional cost. We can put on a show virtually anywhere there is space enough for the screen and audience.

We have fully supplied machines with attendants available for rent.  Details available upon request.